Improving the Design of Insurance Contracts

How could computable contracts improve people’s health insurance contracting? by Nora al-Haider, Luz Daniel, Shobha Dasari, Margaret Hagan, Arianne Marcellin-Little, Alistair Murray, Michael Perlmutter, Roland Vogl, and Annie Zhu This piece was originally published at our Legal Design & Innovation medium publication. In Winter 2022, our team at the Legal Design Lab worked with our … Read moreImproving the Design of Insurance Contracts

The Design of Better Consumer-Facing Disclosures

In the past year, our Legal Design Lab has presented our findings on our disclosure design sessions to the Department of Labor and the Securities and Exchange Commission. We have used this visual report to summarize our key findings from preliminary interviews, focus groups, design sessions, and user testing.

Core principles for good visualizations

How do you know if you have made an effective visual? What are guiding principles to help you do it better? At the most simple level use these three points:  have a clear message that matters to your audience use simple visuals to illustrate this message, in combination with discrete amounts of text have only … Read moreCore principles for good visualizations

On what constitutes good legal notice

Notice fails to protect consumers when it gives ‘theoretical’ knowledge rather than ‘practical’ knowledge. A paraquote from Ryan Calo’s reference to Edward Rubin’s argument about notice, in “Against Notice Skepticism in Privacy”.  The question is what constitutes good legal notice — this points to one branch of new designs, grounded in practical application of knowledge.

Best Practices for Data Visualization

▶ I Like Pretty Graphs: Best Practices for Data Visualization Assignments – YouTube | Program for Legal Technology & Design. The DesignLab from University of Washington has a great (hour long) presentation about how to integrate data visualizations into typically non-data-driven, non-visual classes in a university. It can also be bridged into law school classrooms, … Read moreBest Practices for Data Visualization

Tax Form self-assessment designs

Here is a short article about tax forms — that includes discussion of how not only forms can be laid out better, but how legal & financial terminology can be presented for users rather than for experts. via Self-assessment: not so taxing after all. from the Simplification Centre UK’s Blog: Self-assessment: not so taxing after … Read moreTax Form self-assessment designs