Contract Design Pattern Library

On this page we will be cataloging patterns used in contracts. We have a handful of prototype versions of contract patterns. Please explore them, leave feedback in the comments section below, and submit your own ideas for patterns that you think should be included in the library.

Currently we have patterns in four main categories: (1) Composition, (2) Visualization, (3) Process, and (4) Text.

Composition Patterns

These patterns all relate to how the terms and details of the patterns are laid out on the pages (or the digital screens). The power of these types of solutions derive from information design principles, which prescribe what types of composition layouts make documents more engaging, more navigable, and more comprehensible.


Visualization Patterns

This category of contract patterns involve the use of visuals within the contract to improve the user experience and effectiveness of the document. The visuals may be intended to illustrate terms, in order to ensure clarity in conjunction with the text. Or they may be navigation markers, that help a user to find and understand relevant parts of a lengthy document. Visuals may also constitute a term itself, using graphics rather than text to represent the agreed upon matter.

Process Patterns

Contract process patterns entail the actions that people involved in crafting, finalizing, and implementing a contract take in order to make it more useful and to accomplish the ends that it intends to. These process patterns are not directly about what types of content to put into the contract or how to compose it, but rather the types of activities that legal and business professionals (or even consumers) take in order to best deal with the contract.

Text Patterns

coming soon…

Submit a Pattern

Do you have an idea for a pattern to be included in our pattern design library? Tell us about it and we will be in touch!