Are you interested in how to craft better legal communications? We have collected together design resources, principles, and examples for you to use as a legal communication designer.

Legal Design Toolbox: for communication design

Our design research into disclosure and policy design

Margaret Hagan’s book chapter, “Exploding the Fine Print: Designing Visual, Interactive, Consumer-Centric Contracts and Disclosures,” discusses the process and findings around improving contracts through more computable strategies, improved visual and interaction design, and behavioral heuristics and messaging.

It is the combination of several classes and series of research experiments on improving privacy policy design, and consumer contracts. It’s a chapter in a larger book on Legal Tech, Smart Contracts, and Blockchain.

Exploding the Fine Print chapter

In 2015-2016, our Legal Design Lab team ran a series of classes that focused on the redesign of privacy policies and consumer contracts. We synthesized our findings from our interviews, prototyping, and testing into a visual report, as well as academic and conference articles.

These publications can be of help to other designers of disclosures and policies, to help ensure they are following best practice and user requirements.

See our visual report on The Design of Better Consumer-Facing Disclosures, which we presented to the Department of Labor in August 2017.

How do you design legal communications that resonate?

Icons you can use

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