Use visual design and interactive experiences, to transform how you present legal info to laypeople

Our team at Legal Design Lab uses visual and interaction design to create new ways to communicate legal information.

The Stanford Legal Design Lab focuses on how legal and government professionals can communicate better with the public. We draw on all kinds of examples of communicating complex information, from science, to healthcare, to finances, and beyond.

Visual Design can improve how legal professionals communicate to people.

And they can increase people’s legal capability.

You can design communications that are both legally strategic (for complying with regulations and protecting legal interests) and user-friendly (enhancing the lay person’s engagement with complex info, their comprehension of it, and their overall experience with the legal system).

Are you making your work product as effective as it can be?

Use visual design to be more intentional and successful.

While you craft contracts, emails, memos, briefs, presentations, policies, legislation, or any other legal communication —  follow our principles to make them more powerful.

We are creating the design principles, strategies, and patterns to make these new, more effective types of communications.

Our Design Research Work

We are doing user research to understand not just how an individual document or policy can “look better” — but how it can be part of a larger service or system flow.

Our user research has shown that people go through a journey when dealing with legal communications — especially when they’re expected to decide how to act upon them.

Don’t design a document or presentation to be a “text-dump” — putting all the detailed information out there for a person to make sense of.

Instead, how can you design an experience, that helps the reader make sense of the information, relate it to their own situation, and figure out how best to act in response to it?

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