Know Your Rights design pattern library

In this library, we’re collecting together examples of Know Your Rights explainers — how we communicate what the law is to lay people. We’ve tried to find all kinds of examples, from text, to images, to interactive experiences. We’re also documenting our design work to create new, better ways of presenting rights.


Paper Explainers

The most prominent category of Know Your Rights material is that of ‘paper explainers’ — print-outs, posters, books, pamphlets, and cards that try to teach the reader about rights through the use of text & image.

Websites, Apps & Communication Tools

— Coming Soon —

Games & Other Interactive Tools

Films, TV Shows, & Videos

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Our Design Work

Design Workshop 1

At our February 2015 session, we brought together a wide variety of lawyers, activists, designers, and others who were interested in creating better Know Your Rights interventions. Here are some photographs of our work that evening.