Briefing Template for Contract Handover


Capture key details from the contract and the bid/negotiation phase, to transfer it from the pre- to the post-contract team. Do so by putting together a briefing document (using a template) and meeting to discuss it.


You want to successfully transfer accountability and brief the post-award management and implementation team about what is in the contract and why/how it got there.


A contract briefing document (along with a face-to-face briefing session) makes the contract and information in it easier to understand for the new team “inheriting” the contract and taking over from the negotiation team. This will help the new team(s) to manage and monitor the contract and translate it into action.


Create a brief document that helps communicate the contract’s key requirements of the deal to those who need to know. Use the one-page Summary that contains the contract’s core terms (see Contract Design Pattern X). Where possible, use color coding, icons, and diagrams to engage users and help them navigate the materials.



IACCM has published a Contract Briefing Template.

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