Table of Contents


Place a Table of Contents (ToC) into the contract. It summarizes the contents of the contract into clear sections and provides direct navigation to find these sections. Include a list of Appendices.


The contract you are designing consists of more than a couple of pages. If the contract goes online, you can use the ToC as a navigation menu with hyperlinks.


A ToC makes information in a complex contract more discoverable. By showing well-chosen headings or keywords in it you make it possible for users to jump directly to the topics they are interested. Showing users the headings gives them a sense of what the contract covers and how it is structured.


Create a ToC that contains the contract’s major sections and their most important clauses. The aim is to cover what most users need to find, without overloading the ToC. Where possible, use color coding, icons, and diagrams to engage users and help them navigate the materials.  If your contract is very long, consider adding an index of key words to the end.



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