Music video airline disclosure, safety dance on Virgin

This was Virgin Airline’s mandated disclosure, as done as a music video, that I saw on a recent flight to LA. And Behind the Scenes of the video: — From a write-up of the video on marketing blog Digital Synopsis: When was the last time you paid attention to a pre-flight safety demonstration? In the … Read moreMusic video airline disclosure, safety dance on Virgin

Privacyville: Privacy Policy as game for Zynga

Zynga has a game-based privacy policy, PrivacyVille, in which each of the practices is located on a different part of their game town image. You have to click each part of the game to get the different practices. Then, at the end, they give you the chance to play a quiz to confirm you understood.

Aza Raskin’s privacy redesign project

The designer Aza Raskin tackled the design of privacy notifications & policies several years ago. His blog details his (and his co-designers’ and experts’) process to try to make more readable & targeted disclosures that would be meaningful to people. 1.) Making Privacy Policies Not Suck Privacy policies are long legalese documents that obfuscate meaning. … Read moreAza Raskin’s privacy redesign project

Codepen’s Privacy Policy

Codepen has a new privacy policy model, in which it lays out all the terms in a two-column table. On the left hand side is the legalese, and then on the right is the plain English. It’s still all text, but uses hierarchy (categories with bold headers), clean composition (tables with clear demarcations & lots … Read moreCodepen’s Privacy Policy

Core principles for good visualizations

How do you know if you have made an effective visual? What are guiding principles to help you do it better? At the most simple level use these three points:  have a clear message that matters to your audience use simple visuals to illustrate this message, in combination with discrete amounts of text have only … Read moreCore principles for good visualizations