Google’s Security Checkup intervention

Google has a Security Checkup that alerts users, while they are going about use of other applications, to spend time to review access permissions, device logins, and possible threats. It is not about understanding the policy itself so much as managing devices and applications, to cut back on what Google rates as risky behavior. It is a … Read moreGoogle’s Security Checkup intervention

Terms & Conditions Change-Tracker

The project Terminos y Condiciones from Mallorca Spain is experimenting with new ways to help people stay on top of the terms and conditions they agree to when they use products online & elsewhere. They’ve built a tool that lets you keep track of any changes in companies’ policies. Here’s an article from TechCrunch that … Read moreTerms & Conditions Change-Tracker

Aza Raskin’s privacy redesign project

The designer Aza Raskin tackled the design of privacy notifications & policies several years ago. His blog details his (and his co-designers’ and experts’) process to try to make more readable & targeted disclosures that would be meaningful to people. 1.) Making Privacy Policies Not Suck Privacy policies are long legalese documents that obfuscate meaning. … Read moreAza Raskin’s privacy redesign project

Codepen’s Privacy Policy

Codepen has a new privacy policy model, in which it lays out all the terms in a two-column table. On the left hand side is the legalese, and then on the right is the plain English. It’s still all text, but uses hierarchy (categories with bold headers), clean composition (tables with clear demarcations & lots … Read moreCodepen’s Privacy Policy