AVG’s Short Privacy Notice

The online security company AVG announced it would be trying out a more mobile-friendly & visually designed privacy notice on its products. via AVG makes privacy crystal clear with Short Privacy Notice. Here is the interface it rolled out, in an effort to better communicate to users what info it was collecting on an app. … Read moreAVG’s Short Privacy Notice

Data Privacy ‘Nutrition Labels’ for Web Users Slow to Catch On

In eWeek, Robert Lemos wrote an article in September 2014, on Data Privacy 'Nutrition Labels' for Web Users Slow to Catch On. The article profiles how difficult privacy notice efforts have it when trying to attract users or sustain momentum. Short-form data privacy notification initiatives for Website visitors have garnered more support in recent months, … Read moreData Privacy ‘Nutrition Labels’ for Web Users Slow to Catch On

A Nutrition Label for Privacy

A Nutrition Label for Privacy is an academic study by Patrick Kelley, Joanna Bresee, Lorrie Cranor and Robert W. Reeder, from CMU & Microsoft. It profiles a potential way to display legal information to consumers: with a ‘nutrition label’ interface. See more about the Nutrition Label project here. The abstract: We used an iterative design … Read moreA Nutrition Label for Privacy

Bank Privacy site

The Bank Privacy site collects together financial institutions’ privacy notices and allows the user to search & compare them. What: Traditionally, companies have provided privacy notices to consumers in freeform “legalese” that make these notices difficult for average consumers to understand. Furthermore, it is difficult or impossible to use these unstructured privacy notices to compare … Read moreBank Privacy site

ThinkData scenario-based legal info

ThinkData is a Data Protection and Transparency Awareness Service that presents legal information in a conversational format. It displays questions around certain scenarios, that the user can click. Beyond the click, the site presents the user with a walkthrough of a scenario with legal information flagged to them.

TOSBack | The Terms-Of-Service Tracker

TOSBack | The Terms-Of-Service Tracker is a joint project from the EFF & ToS;DR (Terms of Service, Didn’t Read) to keep track of when companies change their privacy policies. It documents when a company or site changes its Terms of Service or other policies, and lets the user see the changes on GitHub to track … Read moreTOSBack | The Terms-Of-Service Tracker

Privacy Illustrated drawings

A team from the CUPS made  Privacy Illustrated, a project having kids illustrate privacy for adult consumption: We began the Privacy Illustrated project in December 2014 when we visited three Pittsburgh-area schools, passed out lots of markers, and asked the kids to draw pictures of privacy. The results are fascinating and the kids are adorable. … Read morePrivacy Illustrated drawings

Usable Privacy Policy Project

The Usable Privacy Policy Project is experimenting with how to make privacy more comprehensible, visual & engaging. Natural language privacy policies have become a de facto standard to address expectations of “notice and choice” on the Web. Yet, there is ample evidence that users generally do not read these policies and that those who occasionally … Read moreUsable Privacy Policy Project