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Rethinking the design of the ‘terms of service’ agreement

Design student Gregg Bernstein looks at the terms of service agreement for Apple’s iTunes in an attempt to renovate a nearly illegible document.

Every few months, a user experience-minded student comes along, takes a popular but poorly-designed form and rehabilitates it into a triumphant, easy-to-understand work of art.

We’ve seen it for the website of the Internal Revenue Service, we’ve seen it for the standard resume.

Now Savannah College of Art and Design graduate Gregg Bernstein shows us how an improved Terms of Service agreement — you know, the dizzying legalese that comes with every piece of software — could better serve the spirit of the law.

For his master’s thesis, Bernstein addressed the TOS for Apple’s iTunes — an ugly document produced by an otherwise design-forward company.

The result? Logical organization, graphic cues (bullets, spacing) and a clever application of the typeface Myriad Pro — enough, he hopes, that the “click-through agreement” is legible enough to pause to actually read it. Smart.

Coming to terms [The Daily]

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