Story mapping information

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There are lots of good examples in the Esri Insider article,¬†Journalists Embrace Story Maps ,¬†that shows a mixture of narrative, policy and news, and GIS mapping of information. It makes the data become more contextual and staged — so hopefully more engaging.

Corporate document redesign

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From Jay Mitchell, clinical professor at Stanford Law School, & his paper on Putting Some Product Into Work Product: The abstract of his paper: Clients hire corporate lawyers to make useful things for them. Those things are documents, such as contracts and corporate bylaws. Lawyers have some good tools for making these products; standard forms and precedents from prior engagements … Read More

Visceral Notice Types

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Ryan Calo in Against Notice Skepticism in Privacy proposes that we consider Visceral Notice alternatives to language-based notice. Visceral Notice leads consumers to experience information rather than just telling them information.¬† Think of road designers putting speed bumps onto the road, rather than signs saying to slow down. Ryan Calo lists off several types of Visceral Notice: Using a familiarity … Read More