The Legal Design Pattern Library

This pattern library is for designers, engineers, and others looking to make wicked systems more user-friendly. We have collected together some essential templates and ways of organizing information that you can use to improve how you engage people.

Find the Right Pattern

What are the key patterns?

Our initial library has 5 orders of Smart Legal Design Patterns, from most traditional to most ambitious.

  1. Visual Composition
  2. Human Consults
  3. Interactive Tools
  4. Behavioral Nudges
  5. AI-Smart Systems

Where did these come from?

The below patterns were derived from our ongoing work in legal design and course projects, and our survey of the filed. These are designs that can inspire us to create complex info that is more comprehensible, and more actionable.

Within each order, we have many different patterns linked to the same theme. Use this library to explore these orders, and go pattern by pattern to see which might help you in a specific situation.

Gallery of Patterns

1. Visual Representation Patterns

Roadmap pattern

Timeline pattern

Checklist pattern

Cover Sheet pattern

Staged information pattern

2. Human Consults

Expert to Lay advice pattern

Peer to Peer Pattern

3. Interactive Tools

Dashboard pattern

Strategy Calculator pattern

Wise Design Pattern - conversational q n a

Gamification pattern

4. Behavioral Nudges

Future self pattern

Limited menu pattern

Smart Default pattern

Story matching pattern

5. AI Smart Tools

Wisdom of the Crowds pattern

Customized recommendation pattern

See more specific libraries, for more specific legal documents and services