Training tools help legal professionals train others in different sets of knowledge and skills. It could also be for training laypeople in mindsets, strategies, and knowledge that they may need while going through the legal system. Training is about education and preparation.


Use training tools when you need to help a person get up to speed on a legal issue, so that they can be more effective as they go through it — either as a legal professional or as an end-user. The training should provide them with the key principles, mindsets, process, and background knowledge about the legal topics.


Training tools can distribute core knowledge and strategies to others, so that they can more effectively navigate the legal system and do their best.


Training can be done effectively using education platforms online that mix video lectures and webinars, text descriptions, games and quizzes to test learning, and automated exercises that give the users ways to reinforce what they learn through video and text, and evaluate how well they understand the material.