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When we talk about how to bring design into the world of law, before we can truly see new product, service, and visual design taking root — the focus must be on legal organizations and culture. We as designers & developers can create a wealth of new ideas and pilot projects. But they will not amount to real, positive change in the legal sector unless the culture and organization of legal professionals change.

On this page, we will be laying out insights, practices, and models for how to transform an organizational culture to be more innovative. Our focus is on how organizations can be made more collaborative, nimble, experimental, and human-centered.

This page is under construction right now, but we have started to gather some notes & thoughts in the meantime.

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Organizational Change & Culture

Drawn Essays

How to instill a culture of human-centered design into an organization?

Org Design - by Margaret Hagan - part 1 Org Design - by Margaret Hagan - part 2 Org Design - by Margaret Hagan 3 Org Design - Margaret Hagan 4

How to operate as a User Advocate inside of an organization?

Ux Talk 1
Ux Talk 2
Ux Talk 3
Ux Talk 4
Ux Note 5
Ux Note 6

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  1. Isabela

    Such a nice Project! Please, tell me if is it a legal software? Is it possible to work together and represent you in my office in Brazil?

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