The Legal Design Toolbox is a set of resources for aspiring designers who are approaching legal challenges with a creative, generative, human-centered approach. The toolbox provides you with guides, tools, and examples to help you scope & tackle these challenges with design.

The toolbox is structured by the type of challenge you’re trying to solve. Use the menu to navigate to the challenge area you think best fits the problem you’re tackling.

How to Use This Toolbox

Future Directions

Design also has the potential to help you serve a client or partner in other ways, mind-mapped out below. Future iterations of this toolbox will expand the resources to design for policy-change, design for branding, and system design.
DESIGN can help you to


How can I communicate more visually?

Explore our Communication Design Toolbox, or our entire site dedicated to Legal Communication Design (including more research and design pattern libraries).

Here are some tools and protocols to follow in the meantime.

There are lots of good examples in the Esri Insider article, Journalists Embrace Story Maps , that ...
Carolann Bonner has an article, Using Gestalt Principles for Natural Interactions that gives some central ...
Piktochart is an online, paid tool to create your own infographics easily, by plugging in ...
These are central design guidelines, or heuristics, from the book Pervasive Information Architecture. by Andrea ...
From Jay Mitchell, clinical professor at Stanford Law School, & his paper on Putting Some ...
The Center for Media Design at Ball State University published a short paper on iTunes ...
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How can I create new legal products + tech?

We have gathered together ways to take a design approach to legal technology development. This includes prototyping and planning tools, along with actual product creation guidance. Explore the posts below, and check out our fuller guidance on developing a new product using a human-centered design approach, along with

The Pencil Project is an open-source software for all operating systems, that lets you quickly ...
The product design sprint: prototype with Keynote | Google Ventures. The product design sprint: prototype (day 4) ...
Story-centered design: how to make a prototype in PowerPoint | Google Ventures. Story-centered design: how ...
InVision is a great (and free) tool to use to go from sketches or mockups ...
A Beginner’s Guide to Wireframing from Webdesigntuts+. Here is an excellent step-by-step tutorial on how to ...
via How to Prototype an App in 1 hour: meet POP | Board of Innovation. How ...
Awwwards has collected together a whole set of free elements for you to lay out, ...
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How can I use and visualize data?

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How can I prototype policy?

How can I make my legal org more innovative?

Building design capacity in an organization is a major undertaking. We are assembling resources for those who want to increase the creativity, collaboration, and experimentation in their organization.

You might also want to read up on user testing, or on how to prototype.


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11 Comments on “Home”

  1. Nate Crosser

    Hi Margaret,

    Thanks for all the work you do. This is a great collection of resources. What design software do you use to design your infographics and sketches? I love how they look and I’d like to create some for my own practice.

    1. Margaret

      I use Concepts on the iPad Pro. In the past I used Procreate. I use Sketch on my Macbook. Happy to talk more, I love to geek out over drawing and creating!

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  3. Andrii Udovychenko

    Hi Margaret,

    Love the toolbox, still going over all of the great resources.

    Have you considered adding Realtime board to the list? It’s a great collaboration tool. Have been using it for a while now.
    It’s basically and endless whiteboard canvas with a lot of great integrations like “iconfinder, sketch, wireframes, google drive etc.”
    Great for ideation, mindmapping, prototyping. service maps, information architecture, design research deliverables, etc”


  4. Anna

    Hi Margaret,
    I found your site while searching for Canva’s screenshots. I haven’t seen any site with such toolbox before, but found here some interesting pieces of information about design I haven’t been taught at school. The design pattern library rocks, I wish I found your site earlier 🙂

  5. Pingback: A Beginner’s List of Links for those interested in visuals + law | Open Law Lab

  6. Jessie

    Hi, I just discovered this awesome resource but a lot of the links seem to be broken! 🙁 Would love to get access to some of the resources if they still exist

  7. Liz Bell

    Hi – a lot of the links are broken, including all of the main toolbar links: “Legal Design Pattern Library”, “Create an Innovative Organization”, “Idea Book”, the sub-links under “Develop a new product” and “Legal Product Typology”. Is this resource being maintained?

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