Our design questions about our main users

User Questions
From early in our design process, here are the questions that need to be answered so that we can build a great system:
About the End User:
Will the end user want to receive alerts on a smartphone or a dumb phone?
What kind of content do they want to receive? In what stages?
Do they want to ask questions and have interactions through the system? Or would they rather just a simple one-way communication?
When is the best time to communicate to them?
How often should they be reminded?
About Court point person:
Who will be in charge of set-up & maintenance of the system inside the court?
Who will enter the essential content into the system?
About the day to day Court Admin:
Who will register the users into the system?
Can they register the user ASAP, while the user is still in the building, so that they can make sure the contact detail & communication works?
Who will ensure notices are sent out?
What is the ideal period to dispatch the messages?
What is the ideal content to include? Or in what stages?
Who will correspond with the End User on any follow-up?
MargaretOur design questions about our main users

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