Evidence Law Diagram: Can You Get Evidence Excluded?

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Here is a diagram I made while studying for the California Bar, that goes through possible options you can use to exclude evidence that your adversary in court is trying to admit. I color-coded up the various arguments & claims you could make, and then kept the same color scheme for the provisos, details & subclaims for each of these main claims.
Evidence Law Flowchart - by Margaret Hagan - CAN YOU EXCLUDE EVIDENCE?
(c) Margaret Hagan, 2014, all rights reserved.

MargaretEvidence Law Diagram: Can You Get Evidence Excluded?


    1. Author

      I use xmind to start the mind mapping, and then I use Procreate or Concepts on my Ipad to finish.

  1. Div

    This is AMAZING. I’ve always wanted to do this and kept thinking I was crazy !! Thank you Margaret

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