REACH legislation visual

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This is a visualization of the REACH legislation on chemical usage in the EU, submitted by French lawyer Gary Sette.

Gary Sette - Periodic Table - Reach_Mendeleiev_Gary SETTE

Here is his description of the visual, and why he created it:

It represents the 141 articles and 17 annexes of the REACH regulation that entered into force on June 1, 2007. REACH stands for  “Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restrictions of Chemicals” and represents the new EU regulatory framework for Chemicals.

Chemicals >> Mendeleiev table of course!

This piece of legislation is often coined as the “most complex legislation of EU history”! And it is!

The idea is to put in one slide the whole structure of this regulation.

The different colors are used to represent the different chapters (chapter 11 was deleted)

The letters corresponds to the name of the article, e.g.:”Ap” means application” ; “Def” means definitions…

The left part represent the articles that mostly apply to industrial.

The right part represents the articles that mostly apply to EU administration.

MargaretREACH legislation visual

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