1. Jessie

    I happened upon this site, as I was sitting in my Bar Class and freaking out about not getting the pic picture. YOUR SITE IS AWESOME! Such a blessing that the info is free. I wish I had talent to draw some of these submissions. Thank you for inspiring the world through visual design. You are making a positive impact in our community and profession. THANK YOU!!!!! I pray you have much success and are prospered in all the fruits of your hands. – A grateful stumbler!

    1. Author

      Thanks for the appreciation! Feel free to submit any visuals you make for the Bar — we’re happy to have any contributions 😀

      1. Maura DeMouy

        Does anyone know what program/software is being used to create these? They are great!

  2. Suresh Seneviratne

    Dear Margret
    Thank you for this valuable information. Just a question from me. Is it allowed in case I wish to share it on LinkedIn with the copy right note and that publication obtained from your website

    Appreciate your advice


  3. Law Students

    Seriously love this. Studying for finals in law school lol I need to know the software that was used to create these

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