TOSBack | The Terms-Of-Service Tracker

TOSBack | The Terms-Of-Service Tracker is a joint project from the EFF & ToS;DR (Terms of Service, Didn’t Read) to keep track of when companies change their privacy policies.

It documents when a company or site changes its Terms of Service or other policies, and lets the user see the changes on GitHub to track the differences.
Good Notice project - Terms of Service tracker

TOSBack is a collaboration between the EFF, the Internet Society, and ToS;DR. Every day, we check the Terms and Policies of many online services to see if any of them have changed. The project is currently in beta as we are working on some improvements to ensure greater reliability and coverage. For now, please double check any results with the website operator before relying on them for important legal or journalistic purposes. More crawl data (including the full html pages) is available at (same warning applies).

Good Notice project - comparing terms of service on github

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