Bank Privacy site

The Bank Privacy site collects together financial institutions’ privacy notices and allows the user to search & compare them. What: Traditionally, companies have provided privacy notices to consumers in freeform “legalese” that make these notices difficult for average consumers to understand. Furthermore, it is difficult or impossible to use these unstructured privacy notices to compare … Read moreBank Privacy site

Privacy Illustrated drawings

A team from the CUPS made  Privacy Illustrated, a project having kids illustrate privacy for adult consumption: We began the Privacy Illustrated project in December 2014 when we visited three Pittsburgh-area schools, passed out lots of markers, and asked the kids to draw pictures of privacy. The results are fascinating and the kids are adorable. … Read morePrivacy Illustrated drawings

Studying the Impact of Privacy Information on Online Purchase Decisions

Here is a short CHI paper from researchers at Carnegie Mellon about how users use (or do not) a more privacy-aware browser. Their conclusion: Privacy concerns are prevalent among users’ current apprehensions about using the Internet for making purchases. While tools are available to make certain aspects of Internet shopping easier (e.g. comparing prices across … Read moreStudying the Impact of Privacy Information on Online Purchase Decisions