Housing Court navigator

Another amazing infographic guide for a non-expert to navigate Housing Law, from the CUP team.
Good Notice Project - Housing Rights and Court Good Notice Project - Housing Rights and Court 2
Their project description:

Your faucet is leaking, there’s mold in the bathroom, and your landlord is trying to evict you! You head to court to sort things out. But navigating the maze of NYC’s housing courts can be overwhelming, and the stakes are high.

CUP collaborated with the Red Hook Community Justice Center and designer Jenny Kutnow to create a step-by-step guide to housing court for public housing residents in NYC. Rents, Rights, and Repairs untangles the confusing process of housing court by breaking down how to get repairs made, what to do on your day in court, what to do if you can’t pay the rent, and how to stop an eviction.

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