Some ideas for making Privacy Policies More Simple and User-Friendly

Allen Brandt has an article, On Making Privacy Policies More Simple and User-Friendly, in the IAPP blog on Privacy Perspectives. Here is a sample of this very interesting piece from December 10, 2013. David Vladeck, while he was heading up the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, frequently railed against the current generation of consumer-facing privacy … Read moreSome ideas for making Privacy Policies More Simple and User-Friendly

PrivacyFix: Online Privacy Dashboard for social networks

PrivacyFix is a browser add-on that gives users a single dashboard to see their privacy issues on different social and professional networks, and supplies them action items to help them better control their privacy. AVG PrivacyFix™ is your online privacy dashboard. It’s a family of apps that put the control of your online data where … Read morePrivacyFix: Online Privacy Dashboard for social networks

Know Privacy

From the Berkeley Know Privacy project, a set of icons to summarize privacy details: To analyze the privacy policies, we created a set of coding tags, or facets. Policies were evaluated for Types of Data Collected, General Data Collection Practices, and Data Sharing Practices. Each policy received an evaluative code of YES, NO, or UNCLEAR … Read moreKnow Privacy

AVG’s Short Privacy Notice

The online security company AVG announced it would be trying out a more mobile-friendly & visually designed privacy notice on its products. via AVG makes privacy crystal clear with Short Privacy Notice. Here is the interface it rolled out, in an effort to better communicate to users what info it was collecting on an app. … Read moreAVG’s Short Privacy Notice

Bank Privacy site

The Bank Privacy site collects together financial institutions’ privacy notices and allows the user to search & compare them. What: Traditionally, companies have provided privacy notices to consumers in freeform “legalese” that make these notices difficult for average consumers to understand. Furthermore, it is difficult or impossible to use these unstructured privacy notices to compare … Read moreBank Privacy site

ThinkData scenario-based legal info

ThinkData is a Data Protection and Transparency Awareness Service that presents legal information in a conversational format. It displays questions around certain scenarios, that the user can click. Beyond the click, the site presents the user with a walkthrough of a scenario with legal information flagged to them.

TOSBack | The Terms-Of-Service Tracker

TOSBack | The Terms-Of-Service Tracker is a joint project from the EFF & ToS;DR (Terms of Service, Didn’t Read) to keep track of when companies change their privacy policies. It documents when a company or site changes its Terms of Service or other policies, and lets the user see the changes on GitHub to track … Read moreTOSBack | The Terms-Of-Service Tracker

Privacy Illustrated drawings

A team from the CUPS made  Privacy Illustrated, a project having kids illustrate privacy for adult consumption: We began the Privacy Illustrated project in December 2014 when we visited three Pittsburgh-area schools, passed out lots of markers, and asked the kids to draw pictures of privacy. The results are fascinating and the kids are adorable. … Read morePrivacy Illustrated drawings

Usable Privacy Policy Project

The Usable Privacy Policy Project is experimenting with how to make privacy more comprehensible, visual & engaging. Natural language privacy policies have become a de facto standard to address expectations of “notice and choice” on the Web. Yet, there is ample evidence that users generally do not read these policies and that those who occasionally … Read moreUsable Privacy Policy Project

FTC Mobile Privacy Report

From BlurryEdge Strategies’ blog: FTC Recommends Best Practices for Mobile Privacy On February 1, 2013, the FTC released a new report, Mobile Privacy Disclosures: Building Trust Through Transparency, setting out current data protection best practices for mobile operating system (OS) providers and app-developers. The report’s guiding principle is that these providers must work to give … Read moreFTC Mobile Privacy Report

CyLab Usable Privacy and Security Lab (CUPS)

The CyLab Usable Privacy and Security Laboratory (CUPS) brings together researchers working on a diverse set of projects related to understanding and improving the usability of privacy and security software and systems. Our research employs a combination of three high-level strategies to make secure systems more usable: building systems that “just work” without involving humans … Read moreCyLab Usable Privacy and Security Lab (CUPS)

Snapterms™ – Terms of Service, As a Service

Snapterms is a simple, fast and effective legal solution for your websites. Millions of websites lack proper terms and privacy policies, leaving them exposed to costly litigation. Snapterms was created for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs. Get started with Snapterms today and start protecting your assets. via Snapterms™ – Terms of Service, As a Service.


via Background : Recently there have been numerous approaches for simplifying privacy policies by the use of icons. Similar to the Creative Commons project for managing content licenses, some scholars and technologists have suggested privacy policies could be enhanced by being expressed via several layers, including one with simple-to-understand icons. After a presentation given … Read morePrivicons

Privacy Icons: Alpha Release, Mozilla & Aza Raskin

Earlier this year, Mozilla convened a privacy workshop that brought together some of the world’s leading thinkers in online privacy. People from the FTC to the EFF were there to answer the question: What attributes of privacy policies and terms of service should people care about? This lead to a proposal presented for the W3C, … Read morePrivacy Icons: Alpha Release, Mozilla & Aza Raskin