Emergency overdose instructions from the Simplification Centre

The Simplification Centre has a group of volunteer designers who do ‘Simple Actions’ to rehabilitate an orphaned, poorly designed piece of information. Their reports document the case studies of these projects and proposed redesigns. This one is about improving people’s ability to deal with an overdose situation and administer lifesaving medicine.

Law of the Land policy tracker

The Center for American Progress has a policy-tracking/visualization too, Law of the Land Project. It offers an interesting way to show various policies, cases and decisions. The functionality: you can filter the various cases by issue area or legal area. Then the sets of main cases that are tagged with this filter are shown. In addition, they … Read moreLaw of the Land policy tracker

Car console 2, the Tesla

From Mishel: This is the dashboard and center console of the Tesla Model X. It is interesting because of the large touchscreen they use to communicate a variety of information – from GPS to music control to air conditioning and valet mode. The touchscreen is not yet very common in cars, and its use in … Read moreCar console 2, the Tesla

Religious Groups Tree

From Mishel: This is a screenshot from http://funki.com.ua/ru/portfolio/lab/world-religions-tree/ It attempts to draw a tree structure showing the origins and history of all major religious groups. The +,- buttons let you zoom, and you can pan with the mouse. Since there are occasional schisms and reunifications, the way they have displayed it within the tree structure … Read moreReligious Groups Tree

Fitbit manual explainers & instructions

From Yasmine: It is a product user manual of Fitbit Flex on their product website. Last weekend, I got this wristband as a gift and had no idea what it is and how it supposes to work. Fortunately, the user manual explained the multi functions of this product and its technical specs in a very … Read moreFitbit manual explainers & instructions