Legal Bill design, how to show what lawyers do and how much it costs

On his blog “the [non]billable hour”, legal consultant Matt Homann challenged law firms to design a more readable, engaging, client-centered bill for legal services. If your clients designed your bills, what would they look like?  Would they be easier to understand?  Contain useful case status information?  How about upcoming dates or milestones?  Would your bills include information about the … Read moreLegal Bill design, how to show what lawyers do and how much it costs

I Got Arrested visual comic guide

A booklet from CUP on “I Got Arrested! Now What?”: This issue of Making Policy Public breaks down the juvenile justice system comic book-style. Check out the system step-by-step, meet the decision-makers, and pick up crucial tips as you follow the story of Chris from his arrest to the last gavel slam. The fully unfolded … Read moreI Got Arrested visual comic guide

Renters’ Rights visual guide

Again from the Center for Urban Pedagogy, a foldout pamphlet poster aimed at tenants in Chinatown, New York — telling them their rights & remedies. The Project Description: Rent stabilization is a law that makes housing more affordable to thousands of New Yorkers by limiting how often and how much rent can go up. But … Read moreRenters’ Rights visual guide

Corporate document redesign

From Jay Mitchell, clinical professor at Stanford Law School, & his paper on Putting Some Product Into Work Product: The abstract of his paper: Clients hire corporate lawyers to make useful things for them. Those things are documents, such as contracts and corporate bylaws. Lawyers have some good tools for making these products; standard forms … Read moreCorporate document redesign