AVG’s Short Privacy Notice

The online security company AVG announced it would be trying out a more mobile-friendly & visually designed privacy notice on its products.
via AVG makes privacy crystal clear with Short Privacy Notice.

Here is the interface it rolled out, in an effort to better communicate to users what info it was collecting on an app.

In our connected world, mobile technology is an integral part of daily living. Apps help us find the stores we are looking for, meet our friends at the right time and place, and keep us safe online. We trust these apps with our personal information in exchange for these services, which are often free. Sometimes we share sensitive information with the app in order to optimize that service. But do we ever think about what these apps do with the data they collect, and do we really know why they collect it?

At AVG, we believe that building trust in relationships is important. Transparency is a key element to build that trust which means you have to know what’s going with the data behind the app. The mobile environment is even more challenging because of the limited space and form factor. We’ve been innovating in this area to better show users what data is collected and how it is used. We’ve done this with initially with a Short Data Privacy Notice that tells our customers in a clear, straightforward, and transparent way what our apps collect and share in an easy to read form. Today I am delighted to tell you that the AVG Short Data Privacy Notice has been launched on our following apps: AVG AntiVirus FREE for Android, AVG Privacy Fix and AVG Cleaner for Android. Overtime we expect this approach will become the standard in mobile and desktop environments.

This simple-to-use feature is accessed from the corner menu of the app main screen. To ensure full transparency for all our customers, we still give quick and easy access to our full privacy policy notice at the bottom of each page of the AVG Short Data Privacy Notice.

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