Use the System Usability Scale to measure the quality of your tech

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The government’s Usability team has a profile of one of the most common and well-verified measures of a tech system’s usability, the System Usability Scale (SUS). It’s a 10-question scale, that has an easy 5 option multiple choice for each question. Tallying up the score is more complex, but the site walks you through. The 10 questions are as follows. … Read More

Card Sorting outside in-person design research

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This article from Rick More, Card Sorting outside UX: How I use online card sorting for in-person sociological research, describes ways to use survey instruments like Qualtrics to understand people’s mental models and preferences. Card-sorting means putting different concepts, images, or words on separate cards (virtual or real) and then having users arrange them into clusters that you’ve pre-defined or … Read More

Text Analysis Tools for Research from TAPoR

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TAPoR, the Text Analysis Portal for Research has a very useful overview of tools to use as you do qualitative or text-based research. TAPoR is a gateway to the tools used in sophisticated text analysis and retrieval. Please contribute! The project is led by Geoffrey Rockwell, Stefan Sinclair, Kirsten C. Uszkalo, and Milena Radzikowska and housed at the University of Alberta. Here … Read More

Mapping Users’ Lives & Workflows

MargaretLegal Product Design, User Research ToolsLeave a Comment’s site Design Kit has an article from Shauna Carey, describing how she uses user-mapping in her interviews and ethnographic work with young women in developing countries. We asked women and girls—community health workers, taxi drivers and secondary school girls—to draw a map of their community, and used their maps to guide a conversation around the factors that allow for … Read More