Visual Law: What Lawyers Need to Learn from Information Designers

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This article, by Helena Haapio and Stefania Passera, was published on VoxPopulii, Cornell’s Legal Information Institute, May 15, 2013. For decades, words have been lawyers’ tools of trade. Today, we should no longer let tradition force us to think inside the text-only box. Apart from words, there are other means available. It is no longer enough (if it ever was) to … Read More

Harvard online course in Data Visualization

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Harvard School of Engineering & Applied Science has an online course open to the public on Data Visualization. It was produced in Spring 2013 & still has an online repository of all the lectures, labs & workshops that took place. You can go through the entire semester’s worth of content — including how to use the D3 Javascript library to … Read More

▶ I Like Pretty Graphs: Best Practices for Data Visualization Assignments – YouTube

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▶ I Like Pretty Graphs: Best Practices for Data Visualization Assignments – YouTube. The DesignLab from University of Washington has a great (hour long) presentation about how to integrate data visualizations into typically non-data-driven, non-visual classes in a university. It can also be bridged into law school classrooms, as a beginner intro to data visualization and its potential to integrate … Read More

How to create a Swim-Lane Diagram

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A swim-lane-diagram is a type of flowchart, and it can be used to display the same type of information. A swim-lane-diagram documents the steps or activities across boarder and show which step and activity belongs to whom throughout processes; that’s why it’s also called a cross-functional-diagram or a cross-channel-diagram. What a swim-lane-diagram makes special and unique is that the elements … Read More

Civic Data Design Lab

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Civic Data Design Lab is a project out of MIT’s Dept. of Urban Studies & Planning, that focuses on how data-based visuals and tools can be used to improve citizenship — and citizens’ relations with the government. From their site: The Civic Data Design Lab works with data to understand it for public good. We seek to develop alternative practices … Read More