Creating Information Personas

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This post was originally posted over at Open Law Lab.

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Particularly for legal design, I find it very useful to do a special kind of ‘persona document’ for the audience you are trying to engage. This persona should all be about information preferences.

  • How does your person like to consume info?
  • Tech channels or not — and for which kinds of info?
  • What style of language — formal, conversational, jargon-free, jargon-rich?
  • Who should be the apparent source of info — a peer, the government, a trusted advisor, the crowd, a celebrity?
  • What kind of senses should the communication tap into? Visuals, text, sounds, media, etc.?
  • How much interactivity? Do they want a straight text document with some illustrations? Or tabs and stages to click through? Do they want short bursts of info, or long passages?
  • And for all the questions above, how are their preferences specifically in regard to the legal domain?

The user research phase of your design work should be uncovering answers to these questions, because this will set out your guiding requirements for how you should be presenting legal information to them.

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