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MargaretData Sources, Legal Product DesignLeave a Comment is a collection of data sets from the US federal government, that are meant for enterprising developers to draw from.

Legal Design Toolbox - criminal justice datasets

The site’s section on Safety includes reports on crime statistics & criminal-justice related datasets.

By searching the datasets for the topic ‘crime’, you can find data-sets on many different crime-related topics, including:

  • campus security data
  • reported incidents of crimes in particular cities
  • violent death reports
  • violations of the Bank Secrecy act
  • sexual violence survey results
  • mortgage fraud

After you get search results back, the site allows you to narrow in by certain location or govt. level (county, city, federal, etc.). Or you can can narrow down by category (Criminal Justice data sets, crime data sets, correction data sets), or by certain tags (robbery, murder, offenders. etc.) .

It includes a variety of formats for developers to use, from .xml to .csv to .json.

The design of the site is very usable & it has a huge collection of data just waiting to be integrated into new apps, sites and tools.

Legal Design Toolbox - criminal justice datasets 1

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