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Legal Design tool - Piktochart

Piktochart is an online, paid tool to create your own infographics easily, by plugging in your data into their templates. You can also create reports, banners, and presentations with their tool.

Here is their basic tutorial overview of how to make an infographic with their tools:

With Piktochart’s tools and features, you’ll be an infographic making genius in no time. Read on to learn how to make an infographic in five easy steps.

When you log into Piktochart, you will first land on the Pikto Themes page. Here your infographic making journey begins.

Step 1: Pick a theme

Here are where all the themes are to help you get started. We have made the selection process as easy as possible.

  • You can scroll through the hundreds of themes according to their different formats – standard, report, banner and presentation.  
  • We have grouped the themes by categories so you can browse by category which is most relevant.
  • If you know the name of the theme you are looking for, you can use the search bar.

Step 2: Double click to edit

Your theme will load. Once you’re there, you can make edits to the text by double clicking on the text box. 

Step 3: Insert graphics

Just drag and drop the graphics you need from the menu to your canvas. There are thousands of icons and images available in our libraries. Use the search tool or browse through them by categories. 

You can customize how your graphics look by changing its colour, resizing and rotating them. There are more advanced tools as well such as layering, opacity and masking

Step 4: Visualize your data

Use the tools available to visualize your data. Go to Tools > Charts in the menu on your left. A menu will appear from which you can choose the best visualization chart for your data.

Step 5: Share your infographic

You can download as image, publish to the web, email, and post your infographic directly to social media. Here, we show you how you can publish to the web so everyone can see it. View your infographic on the output page by following the provided URL. 

And you’re done! How easy was it? Now it’s your turn!

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