Priorities for building out a pilot

We are close to defining exactly how our first court messaging pilot will operate. The implementation has to work with the existing case management system that our partner group uses. As such, we’ve had to really think whether we want to build in a messaging function into their current system, or go ahead with our initial vision of a messaging tool that would live separately (a click away, or perhaps integrated into their browser-based system through a plug-in).

Requirements for building app

After going back and forth about what way is better, I boiled down our team’s interest for developing the pilot to be 3 central interests (other points we can take or leave, but these three we must stay committed to).

1) To collect good data about this pilot implementation about messages sent, changes in appearance rate (or other data points) after messages are sent

2) To get people in the office to follow through easily & consistently on our pilot plan (i.e., actually sending out messages)

3) To have a system that we could deploy in other offices/courts


MargaretPriorities for building out a pilot

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