FrontlineSMS open-source messaging platform

FrontlineSMS is a free & open-source application to send out SMS messages to your audience. You can run the admin app on your desktop, it’s free software to use. From your desktop, you can send out SMS messages like you would emails.

Court Messaging Project - FrontlineSMS

Once you have downloaded our software, you will need to connect a compatible device to use it. You can read more about that in our FrontlineSMS Overview. FrontlineSMS Version 2 runs in your browser. We support Chrome, Firefox (v 3.5 or later), and Internet Explorer (v 7 and 8 or later). We are actively working to support earlier versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer. For best results, please update your browser at the same time as updating or installing Version 2. If you need further help with getting started check out our help and support page.

Free technical support is also provided via our community site, but is only available to organizations or individuals using FrontlineSMS for non-profit (NGO) activities. If you do not fall into this category, or if you would like more support, please get in touch by emailing to find out about our service contracts, project design, training consultancy and technical support services.

They have used SMS systems for legal aid.  Team member Keith Porcaro wrote about how SMS was used for legal services, you can read his thoughts here.

The group offers two main products free FrontlineSMS, and paid FrontlineCloud.  Here are the differences:

FrontlineSMS makes offline communication easy to use. Download our desktop application to reach people on their mobile phones, even if you work in an area with limited internet connectivity.

FrontlineCloud allows you to manage your text messages with all of the benefits of a web-hosted application, while still reaching nearly anyone with a mobile phone.

FrontlieSMS will be hosted on your own computer, with data hosted locally. You can send messages offline, via GSM networks.

FrontlineCloud is $25/month, data is hosted online, and it’s accessible anywhere & anytime. You can send messages via an Android phone or a cloud partner. You get support from FrontlineSMS’s team.


MargaretFrontlineSMS open-source messaging platform

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