Development roadmap for court messaging system


Development roadmapCreate a very streamlined, basic reminder system that is aimed at litigants with upcoming court dates

  • It could be with the court staff entering in the information
  • or it could be with the litigant entering in the information via SMS
  • Do this on the platform that can expand later on to allow for more behaviors, Like:
    • Interactive flows like on the site text it, with questions asked and answered in a format that’s like a coach
    • Q and a for the litigants personal information, like there case number, their charges, there attorneys name, anything else that would be in the court system that’s personal to them –this function would allow them to search their personal file and to get that information
    • Community reminders, so not just the litigant is getting Reminders about his court date, but so are his parents, his girlfriend, anyone else who is his support system
    • A process navigator/Coach, that would give advice and guidance to the litigant on the day of court while he is going through his final preparation and the actual steps in court

The user flow:

  1. User is in a court building, going through a problem situation, getting oriented to the legal process they’re about to go through during their court procedure
  2. User sees an outreach message in the court situation: you get to sign up for this system
  3. User decides to sign up to try out the messaging system
  4. User gives phone number and Case ID to the system-keeper for entry
  5. System dispatches confirmation & welcome message to user
  6. System-keeper enters user-specific schedule of templated messages for user to receive
  7. User receives a series of messages to phone, about upcoming hearings and things to know about them
  8. User feels prepared for hearing, and goes to the hearing at the right time, right place
  9. User signs-off from the system, or system ends the service
Our target users are:

  1. The litigant, The person who has a court procedure to follow. This is likely their first time going through a court procedure. They are interested in keeping on track but do not necessarily know the importance of it. They are not a lawyer and like they do not have any legal experience. Their main concerns are getting this over with and having as few negative consequences for themselves as possible.
  2. The court staff administrator. They work in the courts every day and know the procedures inside and out. they have an interest in improving efficiency and reducing their own workload. They would rather not have litigants missed appointments and then having to reschedule them and overlook the courts. They also have an interest in simplifying better interactions with the litigants. they don’t want to have to spend a lot of time with each person going through what to do. they want to offload work. And they do not want to have to learn much more technical information or procedures. Improving court efficiency and helping litigants understand the court procedures is ok to them, but not essential. Their main interest is in getting through their nine-to-five work day with as little stress and acrimonious possible.
  3. The Court IT Staff. They work to support the other legal professionals, to help them accomplish their efficiency and user-experience goals.
MargaretDevelopment roadmap for court messaging system

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