This is the class homepage for the d.school pop-up class Law By Design: Making Law People-Friendly. Class teams, coaches, teachers & other participants use the site as a place to share groundwork & their projects. Visitors can see the public-facing parts of the site, to understand our process, leave comments, and help us reimagine how normal people engage with law.

How do we Empower People with Law?

Law isn’t typically thought of as a space for creativity or great human experiences, but this class, Law By Design, sets out to change that.

In this new d.school Pop-Up class, interdisciplinary teams of students will design a new generation of legal products — to help normal US consumers get in control of their legal situation: specifically, their end-of-life legal plan.

We’ll be connecting with experts from estate planning, consumer law, and human-centered design to reimagine how people get smart about law & get in control of their plans for the future.


How do we help people make effective Legal Life Plans?

Though End-of-Life Planning is important for protecting a person’s interests — and helping their loved ones if they’ve been incapacitated — many people don’t do it.

There has been little innovation in how people may establish end-of-life plans. In the class, teams will have the opportunity to pioneer what ‘consumer law’ could be.

Law by Design will be a hands-on & participatory sprint to see how we can empower non-legal people with legal agency, using human-centered design.


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