On this page, we’re gathering information about the plea bargaining process. This material will inform our design work.

If you have any articles, explainers, or pieces that would be of use to designers’ understanding of the plea agreement process — please send it along for us to include here!

What does a Plea Agreement look like?
Plea-bargaining injustices, & Why Adnan Syed of ‘Serial’ Should Have Pleaded Guilty
The punishment is the process, writes Matt Taibbi in The Divide
Why innocent people plead guilty, and what we can do about it, according to federal judge Jed Rakoff
Plea Bargaining, Just as it Ever Was? | Mayhew-Hite Report
Judge H. Lee Sarokin: Why Do Innocent People Plead Guilty?
Interviews – John Langbein | The Plea | FRONTLINE | PBS
Interviews – Bruce Green | The Plea | FRONTLINE | PBS
Interviews – Stephen Bright | The Plea | FRONTLINE | PBS
Interviews – Bruce Barket | The Plea | FRONTLINE | PBS
Interviews – Albert Alschuler | The Plea | FRONTLINE
Tough Sentences Help Prosecutors Push for Plea Bargains – NYTimes.com
The Problem With Pleas | FRONTLINE | PBS
Plea Bargaining: Does it promote justice?
In Cuyahoga County, you’re much more likely to get a plea deal if you’re white | cleveland.com
Justices say defendants who get bad advice on plea bargains deserve relief – CNN.com
Guilty Pleas in Federal Cases Soar as Bargains Trump Trials – WSJ.com
Victim Input into Plea Agreements
Supreme Court Expands Rights of Accused in Plea Bargains – NYTimes.com
How a Criminal Case moves through the court
Collateral Consequences Calculator–New York State
Victim Input Into Plea Agreements, Legal Series Bulletin #7
Greasing the skids: A proposed form to prepare for plea negotiations | Texas District & County Attorneys Association
Plea Bargain Basics: Negotiating a Lesser Crime
How Plea Bargains Get Made | Nolo.com
Slate: Wait, Are You Sure You Want to Plead Guilty?
Why 97% of Federal Drug Offenders Plead Guilty – Forbes
The Devil’s Bargain, from Reason.com
What’s on a defendant’s mind?
US: Forced Guilty Pleas in Drug Cases | Human Rights Watch
Invalidated Plea Bargains | Nolo.com
Plea Bargaining: Injustice for all?
Jeter on the Injustice of Plea Bargains
Plea Bargaining: Coercion or Choice? | Innocence Project of Florida

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